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More Info About Video Data Projectors  

Video data projectors (also referred to as LCD or DLP projectors) come in various sizes and qualities. Many clients call or e-mail to rent an ‘Infocus machine’ or ‘Proxima’. These are popular projector brand names, but like cars, projectors also come in many different brands and models. Probably the three most important parameters to most of our clients are resolution, brightness and to some extent, physical size or weight (if the projector is going to be taken along on a business trip).

Please understand that projectors are not all the same and we want to be sure to have the properly sized equipment for your event. For example, the projector that we would recommend for a 10 person meeting that was to be held in a corporate conference room, would not be the same as for a 100 person meeting in a training room, or a 500 person congregation in a church sanctuary.

In general, the more people in attendance and the larger the venue, the brighter the projector (and screen size) will need to be. The following information is provided to help you in selecting the right projector for your presentation needs.

  1. Resolution refers to image density (clarity) and is often referred to as SVGA or XGA. Sometimes resolution is also referred to numerically such as 800x600 or 1024x768. SVGA (800x600) is normally adequate for PowerPoint presentations - but XGA (1024x768) resolution is much better - especially for displaying visual images or in the case where fine detail is required.  XGA is a higher resolution quality than SVGA and is very good for displaying Power Point presentations or video. Currently, all of our projectors are (at least) XGA resolution.

  2. Brightness is measured in ‘lumens’. The higher the ‘lumens’ rating, the better (brighter) the projected image can be seen.  As audience size increases, it is preferable to project a larger image on a larger screen.  As screen size increases, a brighter projector is required to illuminate the larger image size. 

  3. Size and Weight - Projectors in the 5 pound range are preferred by most our clients and can be easily transported. Most projectors in this weight range are about the size of a thick yellow pages directory. We also have very small and lightweight (yet powerful) projectors that weigh only about 2 pounds. These are very convenient for business trips or where the projector will be taken onboard an airplane.
  5. Special Requirements -  Due to certain physical dimensions or other characteristics of the venue where the presentation is to be held, capabilities beyond that of a standard, basic projector may be required. These special features may include a lens capable of short (or long) throw image projections, rear projection, specific image sizing, DVI or other special video inputs and outputs, etc. If you need these or other special capabilities, please inform the AVC rental consultant when you call or e-mail to ensure that the right projector is specified for your order.


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